Hay, Hay and Hay

It’s interesting that I spent over 15 years being around horses, mainly used for riding, but didn’t know a fraction of what I learned in just 1 year having my own horse.

Looking back I have to laugh but also feel ashamed. How naïve I was, how little I knew about horses and how trustworthy I felt towards people that I thought new everything about horses, because they were trainers or simply because they owned horses. All the knowledge I have now, I self-studied in just 1 year and every day I learn something new. Everything has changed when Ari entered my life.

One of the most important topics for me, is the feeding of horses. I think by now every horse person should, and probably does know, how important good quality and the availability of hay for our horses are. If a horse has nothing to eat for more than 4 hours this can cause metabolic disorders. There are thousands of very good articles to be found in books or for free in the internet, so I don’t want to go into the specifics. But want to talk about the availability of hay.

So, most of you will know that the ideal feed is a constant availability of high qualitative hay, especially, if the pasture size and grass is limited. Preferably, ad libitum, which means that the horse has constant access to hay and can eat as much as he desires.

A lot of people will say that this is impossible, my horse would get fat and would not stop eating and instead becoming sick. Continue reading


Dear Timo

In 2014 my friend Beva offered my a season job in her art gallery in Mykonos. An opportunity I could not say no to. I quit my office job and on August 1st 2014 I flew to Mykonos to help her out for one month.

Mykonos, this beautiful, magical island, who has so much more to offer than tourism. This island, where you can feel the ancient mysteries of greek gods. You just have to listen very closely 🙂

I spent my first days getting familiar with my new surrounding and working place, which was also my sleeping place and home for one month. The gallery was located in a touristic street in the centre of Mykonos. In Mykonos everything is allowed! It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, christian or muslim, gay or straight. And the nights turn into a catwalk and everyone is showing their true self. Every single being seems to open up to their true self, where no one is judging.

Since I always had a deep connection to Greece I felt at home immediately. I was mainly working the nights and had the days for myself. Just being on my own, enjoying swims in the aegean see, having the best coffee and just living the moment. And at night being in the most creative environment and selling art. I mean, can it get any better? Continue reading

The “No Riding” Thing

I think so far I have never experienced such a beautiful autumn as this year. You can tell winter is ahead, the mornings and nights are getting cold. But the sun is warming up the days. The leafs on the trees are shining in the most magnificent reddish colours. Everything is alive and yet seems to slow down for the cold winter days…


On my walk with Ari today I met two strangers who asked me the very same questions. Why don’t I ride my horse? I hear this question from time to time, from random people I meet on our walks, and I usually like to take the time to explain a bit further, depending on how interested the people really are. Continue reading

Dare to be yourself

In theory change sometimes seem so easy. The reality though often looks different? Why?

I think it’s because our belief system and our fear of change. Our fear of being ourselves as we are. Our fear of the unknown, our fear of loosing control, our fear of loosing security, our fear of not being good enough, ultimately our fear of not being loved for who we really are.

This year has probably been the most challenging one. It’s no surprise though, there is a global shift in energy taking place right now. And a lot of people are struggling with it. Just look at what’s going on in the world and especially in Europe with the refugee policy. We’re all in it together!

This August I reached a point where I knew I had to change and shift my energy. Maybe I would have never taken this step if Ari wouldn’t had been in my life. She again showed me very clearly that something is not right. Poor girl, only now I realise what I have been putting on her shoulders. Horses are very sensitive, social herd animals. So, whenever we take our horse out of the herd, the horse is seeking our connection, not necessarily because they like us or want to be with us, often they do not have a choice, but because they cannot survive alone. They are always looking for connection in order to feel save. And since they are very sensitive and highly spiritual beings they immediately sense our state of mind and our whole energy field. Continue reading

Expanded Consciousness – The Doorway to Healing

Since I started to consciously work on myself, about 4 years ago, my life has become a roller coaster of feelings, emotions and thoughts.

I remember everything started with having my first healing session. 

It was late summer in 2011 when I moved to Athens. I finally wanted to take my long-distance relationship to the next level. I left Switzerland for good, at least this is what I thought. I left my family, friends, job, sold all my household goods and officially de-registered from the country I grew up. I left behind my so well organised life…

That was also the time when the crises hit Greece for the first time. And my very own personal crises hit me too, to the fullest. It’s not that I had been happy really. I had the same job for over 8 years at a big corporate company, I used to hang out with the same friends, I was in and out of relationships, I had my family issues, I was partying a lot, I had my own apartment and I had a lot of money that I spent on things I did not need. I don’t want to know how much money I spent on shoes only! I thought I was an independent woman. Thinking back I had the life of a brainwashed human, completely cut off my inner being. Trying to please everyone and living to their expectations, completely shut down from my well-being, my dreams, desires and wishes. I wasn’t an independent woman, I was a scared little girl with no confidence and a very low self esteem. I wanted to be perfect and wanted everyone to like me, whereas I didn’t like myself much. I always thought this is how it’s supposed to be. Continue reading


I had a very special experience with Ari. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I felt I want to go for a run with her. I just got new running shoes and was very excited to try them.

I went to the paddock and Ari came immediately to me to greet me. I don’t just enter the paddock to get her. I go in and usually wait until she comes to me, which can happen immediately or after 10 minutes, after an hour or it doesn’t happen at all. This time I did not have to wait. What I realised is that depending on how I enter their home, it happens faster or not so fast. It depends very much on how busy my mind is and what my focus is on. I remember I did not think too much, I was just happy to see her and looked very much forward to our time together.

I groomed her for a while, which for me became a very special part of being with my horse. It’s where we connect very fast. I can focus and be in the moment, unless there are a lot of other people around and want to talk. Of course I love to chat too and sometimes it’s impossible not too. But usually I like to be alone with my horse. I take her out of the herd to be with me and I think then it’s just fair to be with her only and not chat around all the time. It’s like when I meet a friend and this friend is talking on the phone all the time, it’s not a really nice feeling, is it? This is also why I spend mainly time alone with her. Of course I go on walks occasionally with other people and their horses, it’s always a nice change, but then it’s different. I can’t fully connect to her yet, which is absolutely fine from time to time. Continue reading

What do you want?

Hypothetically speaking what would you do if, from one day to the other, you could not ride your horse anymore? In order to ever ride again you would have to give your horse away and get a new one. Think about it. What would you do? Would you still keep your horse or would you replace it with a new rideable horse? What is it that you want from your horse? I am pretty sure most people say they love their horses, how far does this love go? And where does it end?

It’s been almost a year now that I have not been riding a horse. As most horse people and riders I loved riding, especially dressage and trail rides. It filled my whole being with joy and gave me a feeling of freedom, I could clear my mind, let go of the world around me, let go of my current problems. There was just one part missing in my perception of this…the opinion and feeling of the horses I was riding. To be honest back then it never crossed my mind that maybe, perhaps the horses don’t want to be ridden. I knew their back was not made for carrying weight but somehow this is what we always did with horses, we rode them. Why question something so traditional, old and something that is so much fun? Continue reading