Accepting the NOW

5 years ago I would have never dreamed of having my own horse. But fact is that I am having the most wonderful horse NOW.

A year ago, I would have never dreamed of having a horse that I don’t ride. Riding was the reason to buy a horse in first place. But fact is that I have a young and healthy horse and I don’t ride her NOW.

I have a lot of dreams, but the difference is that they don’t feel like dreams anymore, they are so alive actually that in my imagination they are already real. But fact is however, that right NOW they have not manifested, yet.

The shift that took place with Ari, away from classical training and the need to ride, brought big changes in my personal life. Self-reflection is definitely one of the key words that Ari is teaching me every day.

I have already NOW a wonderful relationship with Ari, based on trust, mutual respect and friendship. Again, something I would have never dreamt of but is reality NOW.

I would love to spend much more time with her and build a deeper connection, but fact is that I am working 100% at the moment, which also means, my time with her is limited. Another fact is that I am not the one who is taking care of her. Yes, I am and I am not. Because I am not the one feeding her every day, I am not the one cleaning her stall every day and I am also not the one having absolutely no expectations of her, yet. Yes, I don’t train nor ride her, but another fact is that I am still the one who is responsible to give her some additional movement.

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