The Wonder of Unicorns

“Unicorns are fully of the angelic realms and live in the seventh dimension, the seventh heaven. They are aspects of the divine, in the same way that angels are.
They are white horses, which have ascended into the higher dimensions. Just like humans, horses reincarnate until they become perfected beings. In their case, they return to Earth again and again to learn their lessons, until they become white horses and can ascend in a blaze of light. Then they work with us in their spiritual bodies as Unicorns. While Angels work through the heart, Unicorns work with the soul.”

The Wonder of Unicorns is a book written by Diana Cooper who is a spiritual teacher and author. She mainly works with Angels but also with Unicorns.


The reason I immediately got the book was the paragraph above that had a very powerful impact on me.

Besides this specific paragraph, there are a few more that made me think, smile and confirmed my way of being with my horse and I guess a lot of people out there too. I will share some of these insights with you.

I personally do believe in reincarnation, not only because a lot of spiritual teachings so say, but because I had my very own past life experiences and therefore for me it is true and an important aspect to know. I also believe in spiritual beings, although I have not yet met a Unicorn, I have met other spiritual beings. One of the most profound spiritual experiences I had was meeting a huge dragon.

However, I never really thought about the animal kingdom and if the same applies to them. But of course, why would it not? And all of a sudden a lot of things seemed to make more sense. If animals, like humans, are here on this Earth to learn their lesson until they ascend into higher dimensions, are then the things in our world not exactly how they should be? It made me think a lot, because for me the saddest thing that is happening on this earth is the cruelty done to animals. This is something that is breaking my heart, makes me angry, sad and most of it, it disconnects me from my inner being. If, on the other hand, I look at it from a spiritual view, without emotional response, from a much bigger and much more complex view of everything, things are as they are, and they are perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I agree with what is happening, but it makes it much easier for me to bear the pain and act upon it without emotions involved but with my inner being guiding me.

What lessons our horses are here for to learn, I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter in fact. But my heart is getting profoundly touched by the thought of Ari ascending as a Unicorn one day. Is it not a beautiful way of thinking about our horses in the now?

Another paragraph that caught my attention was described by a lady who had a very special young horse and is as follows:

“One day she really lost her temper and was shouting and raging. She wrote: My horse was frightened of the noise and galloped round the field for a time, presumably to dissipate my yucky energy from himself. Then he came over to me and looked at me, his eye to my eye, and I got the shock of my life. This is what it must be for those who look in a dolphin’s eye. It struck me that he was older than me, much older, and had been here before. I felt like he was counseling me and I was totally in awe of him. She added that other people who have met him have sensed something about him they can’t put their finger on. She believes he is a young horse on this Earth but somehow old and wise beyond Earth years and that he knows more about things than she does. Presumably like many of these wise and beautiful creatures, this is one of those who have mastered the lesson of this plane.”

If our horses reincarnate, this means that some of them are older and wiser than others. Some of them are also older and wiser than we humans are. If we are able to listen to our horses I believe we will find out. Provided that we have mastered to listen to ourselves in the first place. And the greatest gift will be to learn from each other. As for me, the way I feel it and the way things are with Ari and me, I think we are more or less on the same path. My feeling is that we are exactly evolving on the same level. This is the greatest gift I can have right now in that lifetime. What about you?

Another interesting paragraph that was basically linked to the one I just wrote is the following:

“Every horse is a trainee Unicorn just as every human is a trainee Ascended Master. When a horse starts to open his third eye, he may want to scratch it against a post to relieve the itching.”

The third eye is located at the forehead of the horse, basically where the horn of the unicorn is located. Have you ever experienced that your horse is scratching it against something or against you? Ari used to be a bit head shy when I got her, even now I have to always ask her and be very gentle when touching her head. She trusts me and she is always allowed to scratch her face on me, which she does more often now. Maybe the next time your horse wants to scratch her head against you let it happen, open your heart and see what will happen…

The next paragraph was a profound one too:

“When horses first chose Earth as their planet of growth and learning, they believed they would be free. They generously offered to help humans to travel. Native Americans ride bareback, without reins and this how the relationship between horses and humans was envisaged. The spiritual hierarchy was shocked and saddened to see horses saddled and bridled, reined and whipped. Horses with their great strength, volunteered to assist their human friends to do heavy farming work – but they did not expect to be shackled, overworked or even eaten.
Many of these horses, over successive incarnations, became angry, stubborn and bitter. It held back their evolution and we can help them now with prayer, respect and care. Every time you are kind to a horse, you help the entire horse kingdom.
Those who forgave the humans who abused them and maintained their gentle mein kept their spirit and evolved through the crucifying challenges, which humans forced upon them. Unicorns, of course, are those who practiced forgiveness. “

I had a very special moment with a young horse in Greece, Athens on my recent vacation trip. A 3 year old Belgium Warmblood x Holsteiner mix, a stunning stallion. I think I have not seen a more beautiful horse before. He was standing in his small box, all alone. The moment I got closer he started to rear, put his ears back and was ready to attack and bite me. The stable guys were shouting at him, I guess they wanted me to step back but of course I would not listen. As described above, this was an angry and bitter horse. Of course this horse was clearly not living in the right conditions and had severe behavioral problems, but immediately the statement from the book came into my mind. What if indeed some of our horses show certain behavior because of their past lives? For me a very interesting thought. However, all I could do that moment with this beautiful stallion is to remember the prayer which is stated in the book:

“I ask and pray that the hearts of humans be open to all horses. Please help us to honor and care for them. Show us the way to live in harmony, love, peace and mutual respect with horses everywhere. Enable us to acknowledge their worth and their mighty spirits. May there be joy and understanding between the human and the horse kingdoms.”

The last and most important for me were two paragraphs, one of them sums up the meaning of a Unicorn in different traditions:

“One thing all the traditions have in common is that the Unicorn cannot be captured by force and taken alive. As the Unicorn represents Christ consciousness this is hardly surprising, for no one can force love. It has to be gently allowed to enter.”

“Unicorns are free and can never be saddled or bridled but, from generosity and love they will often allow the spirit of a human to ride them. This is an incredible honor and should never be taken for granted. Beings from the elemental kingdoms also ride them on occasion – a fairy for instance.”

This is the part that actually made me feel so peaceful and happy. Knowing that I am on the right path and encouraged me to keep going the path I am. I don’t want to sit my horses’ back without her consent, without feeling this deep connection between the human and horse kingdom. Like stated above, it is an honor to ride a horse and should not be taken for granted. Just because we can force our horses to allow us on their backs, does it mean we should do it?

I feel blessed already for all the time that I have spent with my horse, on the ground. I feel blessed for the friendship and connection I have with my horse. I feel blessed for the lessons my horse is giving me every single day, and I feel blessed for the lessons my horse allows to accept from myself. And I am looking forward to the time and teachings ahead. And maybe, one day we will be able to connect on the deepest level, by me being on her back. Until then I am learning to be the best possible human I can be, as I guess my horse is learning to be the best horse she can be, with all the lessons involved in it…

The Wonder of Unicorns contains much more. If you, like me believe in angels, spiritual guides, fairies, unicorns and other spiritual beings you will enjoy the book. After every chapter you will find meditation guidance on how you can meet and connect with your very own Unicorn. Enjoy reading 🙂

Unicorn Stag

I leave you with the last paragraph of the book:

“We are all incredibly privileged to be incarnated on Earth at this time of opportunity for spiritual growth. There has never before been a period when so much assistance has been available from the spiritual realms and I offer you this little book on behalf of the Unicorn kingdom with love. Their final message is:

When you focus on a vision beyond yourself we will assist you until your very essence blazes with light.

The Unicorns”

Much love


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