The Magic of Crows

As a kid I was fascinated by birds. I had this big book, with all kinds of birds in it. I guess half of these birds don’t exist by now…I drew them all and I remember I preferred the colourful ones most…

Somehow I was always scared by these big, black ones, the crows. I guess I watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds” too many times. He must have been fascinated by birds too…

Only recently I discovered my passion for crows. I think it is because of their looks. Black, dark, mystic and somehow scary. I also have a passion for bats by the way.

I loved all the Hitchcock movies. I loved horror movies in general. And although they scared the shit out of me, I was searching for the pain, the darkness, the horror. This is also the picture I had about crows.

I don’t watch such movies anymore, I can’t, event if I want too. I see the world different now and I don’t want my emotional state to reach the level that horror movies did.

Back to the crows. These birds just fascinate me, they fascinate me so much that it’s almost scary. How can I describe it? Every time I see one of these breathtaking, intelligent animals, which happens quite often at the stable, I get a feeling of connectedness with these beings. I stop immediately with whatever it is that I do and watch them. And sometimes it feels like they notice me. I then try to communicate with them. I am not sure if it is really happening, but somehow I do believe it is.

I think because I have cleared, and still am, my dark and not so nice things in my live, I can finally open up to these creatures and recognise their beauty and intelligence. Because now the darkness doesn’t scare me anymore.

The photo unfortunately is not so sharp, but this was a very special moment in pasture with Ari. I was sitting there for a while and observed the horses. Ari was standing alone, which she does a lot. She can be all alone in pasture for hours, sometimes I have the feeling she is really enjoying being alone. And our herd is very harmonious in the meantime, she even has a best friend, but apparently from time to time likes to be alone or together with crows…

However, Ari was standing alone. Then he came, this beautiful, pitch black, big, imposing crow. Only a few a metres away from Ari and me he landed.

The 3 of us just being together for a while. The communication between Ari and the crow was immediately noticeable, without doubt. And for a few moments I could join their connectedness. In these moments I know we are all one, we are all the same and have the ability to FEEL.

Crows are usually under estimated for their intelligence. Did you know that the crows’ brain, compared to their size, is comparable to the one of chimpanzees and not so far away from the human brain? Did you know that crows can remember faces and that they use tools in their everyday life? You can find out more about their amazing abilities here:

The human species should finally step down from his high horse and start to honour nature instead of trying to judge everything and everyone as though they know it best!

Next time you see a crow think about it! Take a moment, observe and go within. Crows are like you and me. They look different, they are small but they also have a soul, a mind and they can FEEL. We are not alone on this earth. As for me, I can’t wait for the next encounter with these amazing, wonderful, intelligent beings…and maybe they will remember me…


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