Our Perception

I took this photo with my mobile phone, it is the current magazine cover of one of the most successful tack shops in Switzerland.

What is wrong with this photo? Can you see it? Can you feel it?


It came by post mail, the X-Max special edition, with the newest fashion for rider and horse, and a lot of gift ideas. On top of it a voucher attached worth of 10 Swiss Francs.

The sweet girl, smiles in the camera while she hugs her pony. Anticipation of Christmas seems to be the message. Christmas…the time of love.

Let’s have a closer look at the pony now. Can you see it? Look in his eyes. Can you feel it?

The mouth is enormously tied up. The flash noseband cuts around the sensible mouth. The horse is not able to swallow its own saliva and can’t escape the pressure on the palate, where there are many nerves…

I don’t want to go into details about the torture equipment, which you can buy as a present to your dear ones. I want to talk about our perception and our awareness.

This photo bothered me a lot, and because I needed some stuff for the dark nights, I decided to drive to the nearest shop. Curious as I am, I wanted to find out what the sales people, who usually work with horses, thought about this photo. I was aware that they were not the ones printing this cover, and I am also aware that it is photo shopped, which makes it even worse. Did they receive a feedback at all? Were they aware of what they represented? I could have written an email as well and express my concern. But this was also not the point. I wanted to find out how far the consciousness and perception of other people goes.

I knew already want I wanted from the shop. The sales women were all very kind and helpful and ask if they can be of help. I said I am ok and searched for the things I needed. At the cashier I searched for the magazine in my bag and asked the young woman if it is ok to ask her a question.

Of course, she replied. I showed her the magazine and ask if there is anything that she noticed about it. She looked for a while at the photo but could not detect anything that was wrong. I told her that my perception was, that this pony’s mouth got really bad tied up. And by her looks I could tell that she realised it as well this very moment.

She told me that the print is done in Germany and they have nothing to do with it. But also mentioned that she thinks that indeed this is not really something that should be presented to public. And that she experienced already concern about magazines where similar picture are published. I asked her whether they received feedback about it already and she denied. We talked for a while about this issue and she said that she already had moments where she felt she should speak up, but somehow it never happened. Maybe this will change now. She thanked me for the purchase and the conversation. So did I and left the shop.

What I want to say is that the perception of every individual could not be more different. And just because someone has a certain opinion doesn’t say anything about the person itself or the inner being of this soul. But about the individual perception of every single being. Only a few months ago I would have walked into this shop, and emotionally reacted to this particular cover.

Only a few months ago I would have shut myself down from the outer world because I felt so lonely and helpless because of my different beliefs. I thought that my beliefs and perception was the right one and everyone who thought differently got rejected from my life. But this has only led me to loneliness and helplessness.

I believe that we should not shut ourselves down from the outer world. Instead we should try to accept and understand the beliefs of the people around us, even if we don’t share their beliefs. In the end we are all connected to each other and are part of ONE.

I also believe that only then we can change our world. When we are convinced of what we are doing, when it comes from our hearts and when it feels right, then it doesn’t matter to us if the outer world agrees to it or not. Then we are a part of it. When we believe we know it better we are on the wrong path, because our inner being doesn’t know the pattern of right or wrong. There is no right and wrong. If, instead we live our lives to our very own beliefs with love and respect we can bring our perception to an understanding for other beings, without telling them what to think or to believe. And without judging them.

I am in the middle of this process. The process of accepting and trying to understand everything that is happening around me. I try to live consciously, looking at magazines consciously, and if there is something that doesn’t feel right I try, without emotions, to express my perception of it. Not because I think I know it better but because it feels right and true. Because it arises from within.

I believe with our awareness rising on a daily basis, in a couple of years we will not see any of these pictures anymore. This is what I wish for and this is what I live for…


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