Dear Timo

In 2014 my friend Beva offered my a season job in her art gallery in Mykonos. An opportunity I could not say no to. I quit my office job and on August 1st 2014 I flew to Mykonos to help her out for one month.

Mykonos, this beautiful, magical island, who has so much more to offer than tourism. This island, where you can feel the ancient mysteries of greek gods. You just have to listen very closely 🙂

I spent my first days getting familiar with my new surrounding and working place, which was also my sleeping place and home for one month. The gallery was located in a touristic street in the centre of Mykonos. In Mykonos everything is allowed! It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, christian or muslim, gay or straight. And the nights turn into a catwalk and everyone is showing their true self. Every single being seems to open up to their true self, where no one is judging.

Since I always had a deep connection to Greece I felt at home immediately. I was mainly working the nights and had the days for myself. Just being on my own, enjoying swims in the aegean see, having the best coffee and just living the moment. And at night being in the most creative environment and selling art. I mean, can it get any better?

And then, the morning of August 13th, as usual I went out to get coffee and breakfast. When I got back to the shop I had a couple of missed calls and a voice message from my friend in Switzerland. My stomach immediately turned upside down. I knew something has happened. I listened to the message and she told me to please call her back, there is something she needs to tell me. I called back and in her voice I knew immediately that she is gonna tell me some bad news.

With a shaking voice she told me that our dear friend Timo tragically died in a traffic accident with his bicycle. I will never forget the pain in my heart, which seemed to break into a thousand of small pieces. I was in shock, I could not believe what she told me and I could not say a word.

I hung off the phone and the tears just started to pour down. All of sudden the whole place I just was in did not make sense anymore. A couple of minutes ago I was in state of bliss and peace and the other second in such a pain. I could not understand what was happening. Thank God Beva was by my side, I couldn’t have dealt with all this pain without her support.

I spent the whole day and night, mainly on my own, in the back of the shop. A small room, surrounded by all this unfinished art, paintings and sculptures. And Penny, this amazingly, beautiful, wise, black cat with the most amazing green eyes, who clearly incarnated as a healer. Beva’s cat, that she rescued when she was a baby and ever since lived with them.

The night was harder than the day. I got into this grieving state and I fully let myself go into this feeling of anger, pain and sadness. I lived once again all the memories that I spent with this amazing soul Timo.

The next day me and Beva went to this small, beautiful church. I am not religious nor was I ever. Although I was born christian orthodox I never felt a connection to religion as we were taught. I never understood how one religion could claim to be the one and only. There are so many human beings on this planet with different religious beliefs. It just never made sense to me that one of them is right and the other is wrong. I read the Bible, I read the Koran and I read about a few other religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. For me, somehow I could find truth in all of them and a lot of similarities. So, for me religion was never a thing to really focus on.

A few years ago I didn’t like churches, I guess because I didn’t wanted to take a certain side. This has changed, nowadays I see churches as a very sacred place. But so are Mosques, Temples and Synagogues. We spent some time in the church and I lit a candle for my dear friend.

Afterwards we went to the beach. The waves of the sea filled my being with peace and I felt this lightness. All of sudden I felt the presence of my dear friend Timo who said: it is ok, I am doing just fine, you don’t have to worry nor be sad anymore.


Timo, one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met. One of the most loving and caring human beings I have ever met. One of the most funniest and craziest human beings I have ever met. One of the most authentic and honest human beings I have ever met. One of the most creative and artistic human beings I have ever met.

His art, so detailed, precise, dark and twisty, has touched and fascinated so many people. I don’t know a single person who did not like Timo. He lived this lifetime to his rules, he didn’t give a shit what other people thought about him. He did his thing without judging anyone, but with accepting everyone. And this is what made and makes him so special, unique and lovable.

I feel very blessed to have spent a very intense time with this amazing soul. Our paths took a different way. But he was one of the few friends, that I could meet after years of not speaking to each other, and just continue where we left.

There are moments in my life, where I am usually alone doing something, cleaning my apartment, reading or whatever it is that I am doing, and then all of sudden I feel Timo’s presence. He’s there with me and always puts a smile on my face and reminds me to not take life so serious. We stay for a while in this amazingly, magic moment and then he disappears again. Leaving me in state of gratitude to life and peace within!

Life goes on beyond our imagination!

Timo, May your path continue in love!


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