The “No Riding” Thing

I think so far I have never experienced such a beautiful autumn as this year. You can tell winter is ahead, the mornings and nights are getting cold. But the sun is warming up the days. The leafs on the trees are shining in the most magnificent reddish colours. Everything is alive and yet seems to slow down for the cold winter days…


On my walk with Ari today I met two strangers who asked me the very same questions. Why don’t I ride my horse? I hear this question from time to time, from random people I meet on our walks, and I usually like to take the time to explain a bit further, depending on how interested the people really are.

One was a woman in her mid 40s who was jogging, while she passed by, she stopped and was wondering if Ari is injured. I told her Ari is healthy and fit and I don’t ride her because I am looking for another way to spend time with my horse. She then asked if the trust first needs to be build. I was surprised because she clearly was no horse woman. I told her yes, absolutely, and went on explaining a bit what I do with Ari. She smiled at me and told me that she thinks this is a beautiful thing, she wished me all the best and went on…

A bit later I met this elderly man who was walking his dog. He asked me the exact same question. Why don’t I ride my horse? I told him I don’t ride anymore and explained to him again my motivation behind it. And that I don’t think that horses enjoy to be ridden and that their back is not made to carry weight. He was very surprised and then asked if Ari is my horse. I told him yes and he seemed even more surprised. There was silence for a while and then he told me that he actually never thought about it. But now that I am telling him it makes absolutely sense to him. I guess in a couple of minutes his brain got some new information which he never thought before and needed some time to digest. We walked together for a while and talked about the purpose of life and what is really is important. In the end we both came to the conclusion that love is the only purpose of life. Our path ended at a crossroad, he was very sweet and thanked me for my time and that he really enjoyed talking to me and that he thinks that Ari is a very happy horse. I told him the pleasure was on my side and wished him all the best.

It’s interesting to see the difference in how non horse people and riders react to, when I try to explain my belief system. I can much more openly talk to the non horse people, they somehow seem to be more receptive and of course not offended. And please, to all riders, don’t take this personal. Like I said in my previous posts, I don’t judge a person if they ride or don’t ride their horses. Not so long ago I used to be a rider too. And it took time for me to understand, for me personally, what I want with horses and what I don’t. My aim is just to show my personal way of being with my horse and the difference it made to our lives.

It is just so beautiful for me to meet new people and have their support, even if they have no clue about horses. But somehow still seem to understand and seem to feel what I talk about. It is not always easy to stand alone and continue a certain path.


So, this post goes out to all strangers, who encourage me to continue my path. And of course a big thank you to my rascal Ari, without you I would not be where I am right now.

Thank you!


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