I had a very special experience with Ari. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I felt I want to go for a run with her. I just got new running shoes and was very excited to try them.

I went to the paddock and Ari came immediately to me to greet me. I don’t just enter the paddock to get her. I go in and usually wait until she comes to me, which can happen immediately or after 10 minutes, after an hour or it doesn’t happen at all. This time I did not have to wait. What I realised is that depending on how I enter their home, it happens faster or not so fast. It depends very much on how busy my mind is and what my focus is on. I remember I did not think too much, I was just happy to see her and looked very much forward to our time together.

I groomed her for a while, which for me became a very special part of being with my horse. It’s where we connect very fast. I can focus and be in the moment, unless there are a lot of other people around and want to talk. Of course I love to chat too and sometimes it’s impossible not too. But usually I like to be alone with my horse. I take her out of the herd to be with me and I think then it’s just fair to be with her only and not chat around all the time. It’s like when I meet a friend and this friend is talking on the phone all the time, it’s not a really nice feeling, is it? This is also why I spend mainly time alone with her. Of course I go on walks occasionally with other people and their horses, it’s always a nice change, but then it’s different. I can’t fully connect to her yet, which is absolutely fine from time to time.

This day we were all alone and it was so peaceful. I groomed her for a while, got her shoes on and we started walking. We were running and walking and running and walking for probably an hour. I am still working on my condition, it’s good, Ari keeps me fit. The sun was shining through the trees in the woods, no people, just me and her. It was magical, like a fairy tale. Actively doing something with a still mind in beautiful nature. All of a sudden you see the whole world differently. You see and feel the beauty of nature with new eyes. You hear every small creature and the birds singing, you smell the flowers and herbs, you feel all your muscles in your body. It’s almost like you experience your senses for the very first time.


We came back to the stable where a lot of people were preparing their horses and chatting around. And the magic was over immediately.

I brought Ari back to her paddock, she was eating for a while and I cleaned up my stuff and got ready to leave. I had an appointment so I was a bit under time pressure. However, something inside of me wanted to go back to the paddock and thank her for this beautiful time we just spend together.

I went in, she wasn’t eating anymore, she was standing alone in the paddock, the other three guys were grazing in the pasture. So I went inside and sat down. She came and we just hung out there. She always wants to investigate something, opening my shoes, licking my hand, searching for a treat, just doing something. I scratched her a bit and sat down again. Thanking her for her friendship, patience and loyalty. I told her she can relax for a while because I would like to relax too. I got present and then it happened, it’s hard to explain. And so far it happened very rarely in this intensity. I could feel how I was entering her energy field and truly connect to her. I could see or imagine, call it however you want, her energy field. I was just sitting there and Ari was standing next to me, her head very close to mine, I could feel her breathing. I could feel how the both of us started to relax, no movement. I don’t know for how long we were in this moment, you lose time completely, no thinking, no doing, nothing, just stillness. This is the connection I am talking about. And this is where healing is taking place, healing for the both of us. Our chakras were flowing naturally in balance, our energy fields emerged to one.

I could have been in this moment forever but my thoughts slowly started to come back. I thanked her again and said goodbye. I waked out, Ari was still standing there but followed me shortly after I left to the gate. I so often wish time was not an issue. How often are we in a rush when we are with our horses. I don’t want to be in a rush anymore, I want more of these magical moments, I want more stillness!


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