What do you want?

Hypothetically speaking what would you do if, from one day to the other, you could not ride your horse anymore? In order to ever ride again you would have to give your horse away and get a new one. Think about it. What would you do? Would you still keep your horse or would you replace it with a new rideable horse? What is it that you want from your horse? I am pretty sure most people say they love their horses, how far does this love go? And where does it end?

It’s been almost a year now that I have not been riding a horse. As most horse people and riders I loved riding, especially dressage and trail rides. It filled my whole being with joy and gave me a feeling of freedom, I could clear my mind, let go of the world around me, let go of my current problems. There was just one part missing in my perception of this…the opinion and feeling of the horses I was riding. To be honest back then it never crossed my mind that maybe, perhaps the horses don’t want to be ridden. I knew their back was not made for carrying weight but somehow this is what we always did with horses, we rode them. Why question something so traditional, old and something that is so much fun? Continue reading


One who shows the right path

A year ago I bought my very first horse, I called her Ari.

Buying a horse was and still is a big deal. Like ok, it’s not a hamster or a cat, and don’t get me wrong I do love hamsters and cats, I also love crows and bats dearly but it’s an animal that I can’t keep in my house. She’s big, she needs space, exercise, food and a lot of time and not to mention the expenses and responsibility. For me it was Ciao life…the one I knew at least.

I watched the movie “the path of the horse” before Ari came into my life. I remember it hit me like a sledgehammer, there were humans being with and training horses without dominance, without punishment, without bits, without riding. This connection between horse and human I did not see before and it filled my heart with so much joy. This movie showed almost an opposite interaction with horses than the one I knew so far. What I learned is that I have to be the leader, I have to be dominant, I have to be the boss, period! Continue reading