Soul Trip to the Wild Horses

It’s been a few weeks now that my soul trip to the wild horses in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina took place. And always when I think back of this wonderful event my heart opens and I feel a deep connection to everything…

The trip was planned a while ago and on April 29th I flew to Split, Croatia, the nearest airport to Livno. For a couple of days I had the chance to visit the beautiful town of Split before my trip continued. It felt very familiar upon arrival. I have not visited my home country Serbia for 5 years and suddenly a long forgotten but also repressed feeling of “coming home” came up. Of course I noticed differences to the neighbor country Serbia but not so much in the people. The warmth, helpfulness and openness reminded me to well of the Serbs. Since the 1980s complex mixture of ethnic, religious as well as serious economic problems led to wars which caused the disintegration of Yugoslavia. This disintegration has left its mark, but neither in Croatia nor in Bosnia did I feel uncomfortable, on contrary, as a Serbian woman who travels on her own I felt very welcomed by everyone.

After spending two beautiful days in Split I drove to the meeting point at the airport in Split. There I met the other participants who attended the wild horses workshop. After a while our drivers picked us up. To my advantage I was able to communicate on the 120km route to Livno with the driver, who only spoke a few words German and English. He is a board member of the municipality of Livno, which has managed to protect the horses, which were released some 60 years ago by farmers, and to ensure their continued existence by donations. He is also the chief ranger on the guided tours to the wild horses. He told me a lot about the large municipality of Livno and of course the wild horses. My anticipation rose minute by minute and I could not wait to encounter the wild horses…

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Accepting the NOW

5 years ago I would have never dreamed of having my own horse. But fact is that I am having the most wonderful horse NOW.

A year ago, I would have never dreamed of having a horse that I don’t ride. Riding was the reason to buy a horse in first place. But fact is that I have a young and healthy horse and I don’t ride her NOW.

I have a lot of dreams, but the difference is that they don’t feel like dreams anymore, they are so alive actually that in my imagination they are already real. But fact is however, that right NOW they have not manifested, yet.

The shift that took place with Ari, away from classical training and the need to ride, brought big changes in my personal life. Self-reflection is definitely one of the key words that Ari is teaching me every day.

I have already NOW a wonderful relationship with Ari, based on trust, mutual respect and friendship. Again, something I would have never dreamt of but is reality NOW.

I would love to spend much more time with her and build a deeper connection, but fact is that I am working 100% at the moment, which also means, my time with her is limited. Another fact is that I am not the one who is taking care of her. Yes, I am and I am not. Because I am not the one feeding her every day, I am not the one cleaning her stall every day and I am also not the one having absolutely no expectations of her, yet. Yes, I don’t train nor ride her, but another fact is that I am still the one who is responsible to give her some additional movement.

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The Wonder of Unicorns

“Unicorns are fully of the angelic realms and live in the seventh dimension, the seventh heaven. They are aspects of the divine, in the same way that angels are.
They are white horses, which have ascended into the higher dimensions. Just like humans, horses reincarnate until they become perfected beings. In their case, they return to Earth again and again to learn their lessons, until they become white horses and can ascend in a blaze of light. Then they work with us in their spiritual bodies as Unicorns. While Angels work through the heart, Unicorns work with the soul.”

The Wonder of Unicorns is a book written by Diana Cooper who is a spiritual teacher and author. She mainly works with Angels but also with Unicorns.


The reason I immediately got the book was the paragraph above that had a very powerful impact on me.

Besides this specific paragraph, there are a few more that made me think, smile and confirmed my way of being with my horse and I guess a lot of people out there too. I will share some of these insights with you.

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Emotional Connection

Currently Ari lives in an open paddock stable with pasture and hay ad lib.

What often happens at renting stables is that horses come and go. The horses which stay always have to find their place again in the herd. This can cause emotional stress for them.

Horses are not so different from us. Imagine that you have lived for a period of time with a group of people in a small or bigger house. You have made friends and lived in a structured community, where everyone has his duties. And from one day to the other you will be ripped out of this community. Without knowing why or what is happening.

This summer our herd seemed very harmonious. 3 geldings, a Quarter, a Berber, a Franches-Montagnes (which is a Swiss breed described as either a “heavy warmblood” or a “light coldblood”) and Ari, my Spanish-mix. Yes, I know it is said that mixed herds with geldings and mares of all ages is ideal. But sometimes this is not possible. I am observing Ari very well and I can for sure tell that she is doing just fine with her boys.

It is a young group, Ari and two of the boys, 5 years old and the Quarter, 10 years old. A clear hierarchy, as we know it from wild horses for example, does somehow not exist. They split in two groups. Ari and Nabucco, the Franches-Montagnes. And the other two, although somehow the two guys seem more reserved and introverted. I have never seen them groom each other or show any affection towards other horses. For me their behavior makes absolutely sense due to other reasons, but this is not the story now.

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Where did the free spirit of the Horse go?

For native Indians the horse represents mobility, stamina, strength and power. It also represents loyalty, love, devotion and mutual respect.

When I think of a horse the first thing thats pops in my mind is: Free Spirit

But when I look around at what is going on in stables and how humans use these wise beings, unfortunately I don’t see a lot of spirit left in the horses.

Instead I see humans controlling their horses with equipments produced exactly for that purpose. I see humans, who don’t smile, ever…they look more like their riding towards war. Everything is heavy and so serious. And if you look at the horse you will see the exact same picture. Continue reading

The Magic of Crows

As a kid I was fascinated by birds. I had this big book, with all kinds of birds in it. I guess half of these birds don’t exist by now…I drew them all and I remember I preferred the colourful ones most…

Somehow I was always scared by these big, black ones, the crows. I guess I watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds” too many times. He must have been fascinated by birds too…

Only recently I discovered my passion for crows. I think it is because of their looks. Black, dark, mystic and somehow scary. I also have a passion for bats by the way.

I loved all the Hitchcock movies. I loved horror movies in general. And although they scared the shit out of me, I was searching for the pain, the darkness, the horror. This is also the picture I had about crows.

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Our Perception

I took this photo with my mobile phone, it is the current magazine cover of one of the most successful tack shops in Switzerland.

What is wrong with this photo? Can you see it? Can you feel it?


It came by post mail, the X-Max special edition, with the newest fashion for rider and horse, and a lot of gift ideas. On top of it a voucher attached worth of 10 Swiss Francs.

The sweet girl, smiles in the camera while she hugs her pony. Anticipation of Christmas seems to be the message. Christmas…the time of love.

Let’s have a closer look at the pony now. Can you see it? Look in his eyes. Can you feel it?

The mouth is enormously tied up. The flash noseband cuts around the sensible mouth. The horse is not able to swallow its own saliva and can’t escape the pressure on the palate, where there are many nerves…

I don’t want to go into details about the torture equipment, which you can buy as a present to your dear ones. I want to talk about our perception and our awareness. Continue reading